Tutorial: Cross-collection blends

3 min readJun 1, 2021

Blending is a fun way to gamify your NFTs — but what if you want to blend NFTs from multiple collections?

Recently I launched the SixPM Origin Coin, which can be made by blending 3 promos from the locationcard, creatorcards, and currencycard collections. The result is the SixPM Origin Coin, which is from the sixpm collection.

Square Rooted have also implemented this technique for their collaborations with other creators. They have an awesome process where you can blend Square Rooted NFTs for an NFT from the collaborator’s collection!

In this tutorial, I’ll step you through how to create a similar cross-collection blend.

Preparing the blend

First of all, two important considerations:

  • The person setting up the blend has to be an authorised account on the collection the blend result is from.
  • The blend will go live the moment you sign the transaction

With that in mind, to begin to make your blend, you’ll need to know the Template ID for each of the templates you want to include in the blend, and the Template ID of the result. For the SixPM Origin Coin blend, the Template IDs were:

Creating the blend

This tutorial assumes that you’ve deposited RAM into the blenderizerx contract.

To create the blend, go to the blenderizerx contract: https://wax.bloks.io/account/blenderizerx

Next, navigate to the createblend action and fill in the following details:

authorised_user: Your account (needs to be authorised on the collection). I used stuckatsixpm which is authorised on the sixpm collection. You can check which accounts are authorised for your collection on your collection’s AtomicHub page.

target_collection: The collection_name of the collection the blend result comes from. This is not the display name, but the actual collection name. For example, I used sixpm, not SixPM Software.

target_template: The template_id of the result NFT people should get as their blend reward. For the Origin Coin blend, this is 147196.

templates_to_mix: For this, you need to provide a list of IDs of the templates required for the blend, enclosed in square brackets.
For the Origin Coin blend, this is [95018, 115304, 117487]


To finish creating your cross-collection blend, sign the transaction, and viola!

If you navigate to your collection’s NeftyBlocks page, you’ll see that the blend can now be done!

I hope you found this tutorial useful! If you liked it and would like to give a tip, consider buying me a coffee!

Thanks for reading, and good luck making your cross-collection blends!

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