The “No Sell”

FOMO makes people do dumb things.

Tip: If a project can’t wait to be whitelisted, or is failing to be whitelisted, ask yourself why. (I’m going to put these throughout the article)

Tip: Keep in mind that Whitelisting (and Verification) is solely based on the verification of information presented to AtomicHub at the time of the application, and so is not any sort of endorsement or support of the project by AtomicHub, as it’s impossible for anyone to guarantee what the project will do.

The No Sell.

Tip: Use tools like to check when the Discord server was created and when the user account of the project creator was made.

When was the domain name for the website registered? (you can this up via a “whois” search online)

Adding a verification role with Honeycomb takes just 3 clicks.

“Woah! Look everyone! The drop sold out instantly!”
“We’re going to the moon!”
“This project is going to be huge!”

We’re too busy to communicate. But if you have our other NFT, you can have the new drop for free!

Tip: Keep an eye out for servers that sneakily ban people or delete messages that look bad for the project. It might not be instant, but maybe a couple hours later, go back and see if that post asking the hard questions is still here.

Wrapping up.



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